Anton shenk

Research Assistant
RAND Corporation


Anton, a Quantitative Researcher at the RAND Corporation, excels in exploring the dynamic intersection of human behavior, economics, and emerging technology. A Tufts University alumnus, Anton graduated Summa Cum Laude with degrees in Economics and Mathematics – with a rich academic background encompassing Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Game Theory. His drive for learning recently led him to pursue graduate coursework in complex system modeling.

Marking Anton’s professional journey is a diverse range of impactful projects at RAND, including studying biological weapons threats presented by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), future weapons of economic warfare, and when AI could be deceptive with its users. His work also extends to issues including gun policy, affordable housing, DEI, and misinformation spread.Before joining RAND, Anton significantly contributed to The Petey Greene Program and Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. His work included enhancing educational outcomes for the incarcerated and conducting community-engaged research on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. As the Founder and Managing Editor of Prophetia, Anton showcased his leadership and analytical skills – delving into the nuanced impacts of COVID-19 through data analysis and stakeholder interviews.At the core of his professional ethos is a desire to understand and influence the societal impacts of AI – focusing on safety, ethics, economic implications, and policy development. Anton actively attempts to deepen society's understanding of AI – collaborating with policymakers, researchers, and academics. His work ethic embodies a commitment to driving transformative societal change, focusing on advancing technology responsibly while balancing ethical, economic, and policy considerations to benefit communities.


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